A Peak Inside Henrietta Hexagon & The Triangles


I’d like to give you all a peak into Henrietta Hexagon & the Triangles, my newest book release. I hope that posting the first half of this book will be enough for you to get a feel for the story. This is a sweet story about a Hexagon that was adopted by a family of Triangles. You will see how Henrietta struggles to “FIT IN.” In the end, she finds out that she has been the perfect fit all along with her adopted family. I hope you will be surprised as to how this comes to pass. 😮 This is not just a book about shapes, it is a story touches on adoption, finding one’s sense of self, and familial acceptance.

Have a wonderful day!! I’d love for you to let me know how you like it too.


Here is a link to the kindle version on amazon: (the paperback is listed here too just below the kindle version)



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  1. What a great story! We are all created differently even though some make look the same. Sometimes we need a little reassurance that it’s ok to be different, you can still fit in:-)

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