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Our Flooded Home


As many of my friends and family know, we lost our home and most everything in it due to Tropical Storm Debbie. This is a poem I wrote about what has happened. Thank you to everyone that has come to our rescue during this difficult time. We love you.


June, 2012 we woke at 3:00 am
Ankle deep in water… things were looking grim.
Everything was wet, tons of photos…GONE.
How could this be happening? I feel lost and all alone.

I woke my babies up, then called my mom and dad.
The rain was pouring down, it was really looking bad.

The water came with force when we opened up the door
It was black and full of mulch, it was covering the floor.

We grabbed a few essentials and threw them in my van.
The kids jumped in with mom and dad and back inside I ran.
My family tried to make me leave. I needed one more thing.
My memories were still inside. To me, they were everything.

I received a sign from God, he was urging me to go.
A song began to play. From where? I didn’t know.
“Just get what you need” it sang out loud. I had chills form right away.
It was then I knew, this was a sign. It wasn’t safe to stay.
With the power off we went back in and got what we could save.
It hurt to see our home destroyed. I needed to be brave.

Friends came by to help us out, the mold was growing quick.
My home was gone, tossed out like trash… It really made me sick.

Nights are hard, I don’t sleep well. I remember what was lost.
I’d love to take my babies home. Who knows what this will cost.
I’m humbled by the kindness of family friends and peers
Not sure what we’d have done without these loving volunteers.

There has to be a reason but for now it’s hard to see.
I’m really hoping someday soon it’ll be revealed to me.
Until I know the reason, I’ll take it day by day.
I’m hoping God will light a path and help us find our way.

*The song I mentioned in the poem was

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones.

I didn’t find out until I was in the van that the noise was coming from an old bag I had found in my closet.

There was a toy karaoke microphone inside and it played that song until I got in the car.

I didn’t even remember buying the toy so it must’ve been there for awhile.

I had just been shocked when I tried to turn off a surge protector submerged in water so I took the song as a sign to leave.

Just wanted to share that because it wouldn’t fit in the poem without making it too long.

Mandi Tillotson Williams