‘Twas Mortimer’s Night Before Christmas



‘Twas the night before Christmas, kids asleep throughout the land…

Mortimer Crump was waiting, for tonight he had it planned

To sneak back home with Santa, find his very own elf on a shelf

Talk him into coming back and keep him for himself.

When Santa arrived, Mortimer was hiding up under a big green chair,

He slipped in his sack, crawled to the back … no one knew he was there.

They went up through the chimney and into the sleigh.

The toys in the bag were all wanting to play.

“Quiet down guys, I don’t want to be found.

Please try to stay still, just don’t make a sound.”

Out on the roof there arose such a clatter!

Mortimer peeked out to see what was the matter.

Santa had slipped on a huge patch of ice!

Mortimer had to do something, he didn’t think twice.

With only a jump rope he’d found in the sack

He tied it to a reindeer’s horn and jumped up on it’s back.

“On Dasher, on Dancer, on Prancer & Vixen!

On Comet and Cupid, On Donner & Blitzen!

To the edge of the roof, that’s where we must go.

We have to be quick, we mustn’t be slow”

They made it there in time with just moments to spare.

Santa climbed up the rope and they flew through the air.

When the toys were delivered and Santa was done.

He turned to Mortimer and said, “I want to thank you, son.”

“I hope you understand, I have to take you back.

There are people here who love you so jump back in the sack.”

Mortimer did as he was told, he’s on the nice list afterall

Down the chimney he went with ease and he staggered down the hall.

He plopped up on his comfy bed with his pillows in a heap.

He snuggled up, said his prayers and drifted off to sleep.

Mortimer awoke and to his surprise he found a caroling elf!

Could it be? He rubbed his eyes. His very own elf on a shelf?

The elf jumped up on Mortimer bed, “Hi my name is Clay.”

He patted Mortimer on the back and continued on to say,

“Santa Claus has sent me here to live with you instead.

Put on your clothes, let’s go play! Come on, get out of bed.”

“We’ll be friends forever now, I’m staying here for good.

No sneaking out with Santa though, I hope that’s understood.”


Last night, I decided to do a quick thrown together “Moritmer Style” version of Twas the Night Before Christmas to thank all of Mortimer’s loyal fans!!

It’s not perfect but I hope you enjoy it anyway. :O)

I really appreciate all of your support!

Thank you

Have a wonderful Christmas!!

Mandi Tillotson Williams


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