Do Doggies Go to Heaven?


Do doggies go to heaven?
That’s what I’d like to know.
When grandpa visits in my dreams,
I’ll ask if I can go

I’ll go with him to heaven
so I can look and see
if my furry friend named Sparky
is waiting there for me

I’ll jump on grandpa’s back
we’ll fly up in the air.
We’ll zip right through a puffy cloud
we’ll come out with fluffy hair.

We may decide to hitch a ride
upon a rocket ship.
I know my gramps will hold on tight
he’s got a real good grip.

I’ll catch a star while passing Mars
on our way through outer space.
If a UFO comes flying by
we may just have to race.

Oh my word! Look at the time
the small hand’s right at seven
Gotta get my jammies on
to make that trip to heaven.


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