WRONG way on Black Friday!!


Ok so I just HAD to post about my personal and eventful black friday experience!! We began our adventure at Walmart at 8:50 pm Thursday night with all the other shopping nuts. Of course, by this time there were no parking spots at all. We finally managed to find a spot that was just far enough away to cause blisters to form just from the hike to the store alone! Luckily, I was well prepared from people watching last year and I knew to wear my best running shoes. One of my friends that came with me …. not so lucky. I am certain that running shoes should be #1 on your list of items to have with you on your Black Friday excursion, not only to avoid blisters but just in case getting the BARGAIN meant racing the girl with high heeled boots next to you. Tennis shoes win out every time unless of course she decides to use the boot as a weapon to take you down. In that case, you may just spend Friday Blacked out!

To make a LONG story short, we were able to make it out of walmart with only a bruised shin (myself), a knot on the head (my mom was just grazed with a toy guitar) and a whelp on the lip (my sister in law still has no clue on how that happened but it happened in walmart) After saving a total of maybe $20.00 we took off toward Gainesville with our three man army: myself, my mom and my sister in-law. (At only one man down, we were doing pretty good – due to her uncomfortable shoes I’m sure, one of my friends only lasted 30 minutes or so before turning in but unfortunately she took my jacket AND all my sale papers with her by accident so there went our game plan!)

Little did we know, we drove all the way to Gainesville and came back with one thing and one thing only …. COFFEE! After finding out the Toys ‘r’ Us checkout line was a four hour line, we decided to abandon our full buggy to go to the mall in search of a Starbucks that was smart enough to open on the busiest shopping day of the year. Well, we found it and waited and hour and a half for coffee so of course I had a LARGE! I used what little part of my brain that was still functioning and grabbed a stray stool and sat on it right in the middle of the line. It was an absolute lifesaver and I only had to get up every 10 minutes to drag my stool another two steps. In case you wondered, I DID return the stool to it’s rightful place before heading out to the parking lot in search of our lost car.

After finally making it home around 5:30 in the morning, I was able to get 3 hours sleep. My cousin, who had been out all night shopping too had planned on coming by the house to visit. She was supposed to be there at 2:30pm and at around 2:35, she drove up and she was laughing like a hyena as she pulled into my driveway. When I asked what could possibly be so funny and wondering where her sudden burst of energy had come from she began to tell me what she had mistakenly done! Being that I only see her once a year or every two years, she had driven up to the WRONG house and had barged in only to find a man she didn’t know sitting in his recliner! Not sure if he was in shock or what but she said he never even moved from his chair! She stopped when she saw him and said, “OMG I think I have the wrong house.” He only responded with an “Uh, huh” so she turned to leave but then at one last attempt to prove she wasn’t crazy she said, “This isn’t Mandi’s house is it?” He only said one word, “no” so she turned and high tailed it out of there!!

It is now 6 hours later and I am still laughing about it! In fact, I could barely eat my dinner and I think I have managed to laugh so hard, I may be forming some defined abs…


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  1. Glad you had something to laugh about, at last. My daughter and her husband took me to a movie after our Thanksgiving feast at my son’s house. That was excitement enough for me. No black Friday.

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