This was absolutely PRICELESS!!


On occasion, I will go lay down with one of my kids before they go to sleep and I would make sure they knew how special they are to me. I would say to them, “I just love everything about you” and then I go on to say, “I love your little nose, your little toes, your little eyes, your little cheeks, your little smile, and so on and so on.”
Well, one night, I was laying with Evan and I begin to do the same with him and he got the biggest smile on his face, he was so proud and it was just the sweetest thing. He then reached out and put his little hands and put them up to my face smiling and said, “Aww, mommy, I love everything about you too! I love your BIG eyes, your BIG nose, your BIG head …” Well, by that time I couldn’t hold it in and I just burst out laughing!!! He wasn’t expecting that at all because he was completely serious! :o) Once he saw me rolling around laughing though, it only took seconds before he was cracking up too. It was definitely priceless and one to remember!


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