A Dose of Good News …


I’m sure many of you can relate when I say that I would really love to turn on the television and hear some good news for a change … This is the reason I, for the most part, choose either not to watch TV (other than my favorite shows I DVR of course ) or to watch cartoons with the kids vs turning on the news. Through this blog, I’d like to be able to post a dose of good news every so often so if anyone feels compelled to share something great, please do it here.  I feel that when you are surrounded by so much negativity it really seems to have a lasting effect on your everyday life and those around you. What if … every morning when turned on the television we saw something great happening in the world? (There are great things happening everyday, we just don’t hear about it as often as we do the bad) Our whole outlook on life would begin to change. Instead of waiting on the next BAD thing to happen, we would be looking forward to the GOOD things God has in store for us. I’ll end this post with the corny but true saying “Don’t worry, be happy now!”

Here is a copy of an article I found on the Los Angeles Times website by Eryn Brown. I’ve listed the link below.  It is about a cancer breakthrough which is wonderful news.


‘Huge’ results raise hope for cancer breakthrough

In early results from a clinical trial, genetically engineered T cells eradicate leukemia cells and thrive. Two of three patients studied have been cancer-free for more than a year.

A microscopic image shows two T cells binding to beads, depicted in yellow,… (Dr. Carl June / Penn Medicine)
August 11, 2011|By Eryn Brown, Los Angeles Times

In a potential breakthrough in cancer research, scientists at the University of Pennsylvania have genetically engineered patients’ T cells — a type of white blood cell — to attack cancer cells in advanced cases of a common type of leukemia.

Two of the three patients who received doses of the designer T cells in a clinical trial have remained cancer-free for more than a year, the researchers said.

Experts not connected with the trial said the feat was important because it suggested that T cells could be tweaked to kill a range of cancers, including ones of the blood, breast and colon.

“This is a huge accomplishment — huge,” said Dr. Lee M. Nadler, dean for clinical and translational research at Harvard Medical School, who discovered the molecule on cancer cells that the Pennsylvania team’s engineered T cells target.

(the rest of the story to be found at the link above)


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