The reason I decided to pursue writing for children …


I have always had an extensive imagination. At a young age, I was able to convince my classmates that I had traveled to Earth by way of an enormous bubblegum slide from an undiscovered candy-coated planet. I am now 34 years old and my imagination is far from tame! After going through what I did with my Evan, I was forced to quit working as a realtor and I began to pursue my passions in life, those being photography and writing/illustrating children’s books. I just recently independently published my first book which is available on amazon, barnes and noble, & smashwords. My book, Mortimer’s Sweet Retreat, is doing great thus far on amazon and locally. My second book is also just about ready to be submitted as well. I feel that God gave me this talent for a reason and I woke up one day knowing why this happened with Evan. I feel that God wants me to share his story with the world. Here is the poem I wrote which will be included on my author page of my next book in hopes of spreading my story to a larger group of people.

My answer as to why?
by: Mandi Tillotson Williams
I woke up this morning with a really clear view.
My answer as to “Why?” I hope you see it too.
Several years ago, I had a two pound baby boy
12 weeks premature… I felt anything but joy.
He wasn’t doing well, his life was hanging by a thread
Not knowing why this happened, my heart was filled with dread.
The doctors said he may not walk, his brain was full of blood
He wouldn’t learn, he may not talk, none of this was good.
I sat and wrote that very day, an email to my friends
Asking all of them to pray and then to please hit send.
Within a week, to my surprise, I had an inbox full of letters
Strangers sending hope our way, praying he’d get better.
They sent him home after 73 days but again, with not much hope
We had no clue of what may happen on this scary uphill slope.
On this day, he’s five years old and no one would never know.
He’s doing great, he’s really smart. He’s anything but slow.
As I said before, I woke today with an answer as to “why?”
I came to my desk to try and type and then began to cry.
My child was saved so I’d spread the word of what Jesus did for me.
I feel that’s why I rhyme so well. I want all the world to see.
Something big will come of this, I can feel it in my heart.
For now I’ll spread to my home town, but I know it’s just a start.

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  1. Thank you for this poem. I am going through some tough times withour 27 week old boy in the NICU right now. I am so lost, hurt, scared and angry. Your blog and poem has given me some hope, so thanks for sharing.

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