Preemie Story … Evan today. (Part 4)


Today, my Evan is 5 years old and doing amazingly well. He is extremely smart despite what the doctor said to me. He is already reading BOOK 7 in his kindergarten class and the first report card hasn’t even come home yet! He not only can walk and talk, he is playing baseball, can swim like a fish and is learning extremely well in school. He does wear little blue glasses which everyone seems to love and he has asthma at times when he comes down with an illness (Non preemie babies have these issue though too so it may not even be preemie related) Looking at him, you would never know he was premature. He is one of the tallest kids in his class now which seems crazy to me being that he started life so small. Here is a pic of him now.


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    • You are very welcome. How is she doing right now? It was very hard but miracles do happen, you just have to believe it can. He has just graduated first grade and he is actually very smart. He made straight A’s all year and never missed a spelling word. He had one of the highest averages in AR Reading with over 107 points for the year. He also got a national physical fitness award so he is having no difficulties in that area either. I’ll pray for your little one. I’d love to keep in contact with you about her progress.

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