My Preemie Story … Words really do hurt. (Part 3)


I will never forget the harsh words spoken to me while my son was struggling for his life in the NICU.  I had just found out that Evan needed more blood and another spinal tap so of course as I mother I was upset and just needed some encouraging words, instead I got just the opposite. I asked the doctor that was watching over Evan during the holidays (she was covering for his regular doctor) one question, “Please tell me if you think there is a chance he will be OK” She got annoyed with me and said, “Well, if you’re asking me if he’s going to be a rocket scientist, NO. If you are asking me if he could live a normal healthy life, he may, I just don’t know.” I hung up and cried and cried because of those words. Evan is 5 now and he may just prove her wrong…


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